Blake Lively and her Gossip Girl journey

Blake Lively is an American actress who played in Gossip Girl as the main character. She was Serena van der Woodsen or Selena Celia Humphrey. She is an adolescent with very wealthy parents and with friends with the same social status: Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and one that isn’t so rich: Dan Humphrey. These series based on a novel series.

Blake Lively role was a hard one because being a main character means a lot of wasted time and passion, but if you love what you do and more you are talented, everything will be easy.

In Gossip Girl series, Serena has a relationship with Nate Archibald when she was a teenager and with Dan Humphrey after that and she got married to him in the season finale. She is Blair Waldorf best friend, but she also is a good friend with Nate and Chuck.

Serena, Blair and Dan are the only one characters that appear in each episode with Gossip Girl. In Gossip Girl the role played by Serena shows a complicated life and past, and Serena had to go back to New York because her brother was here and he tried to commit suicide.

She is a character that gets into a lot of trouble and bad relationships, but finally, she becomes a quite person and found the love of her life: Daniel Humphrey.

But what means Gossip Girl? Well, Gossip Girl was a website where someone posts a lot of gossips based on Serena, Chuck, Nate and Blair and many times these scandals make these characters gets in disgrace.

Finally, in the last episode of the season finale, people find who posted everything in the whole time: Dan Humphrey.

During the time, since she started her career in acting, she doesn’t have many roles because she dedicated herself for years to Gossip Girl. But, she didn’t need something else because she got very famous with Serena role.

But, despite her character from these series, her personal life is a quite one. She has been married for two years and got a divorce and now, from 2014 she is married to Ryan Reynolds, and they have together two beautiful daughters.

In time, she got another important role in “The Age of Adaline” and she was as gorgeous as she was in Gossip Girl.

She was born on August 25, 1985, in Los Angeles and she has a very active life since she was a child because her father is a movie director.

She is an example for many girls because she is beautiful and she has an extraordinary life. She is very happy with her new family and seems like nobody can destroy their family. Now, she is 29 years old, but she is more beautiful than anytime. Teenagers still love her and her beauty and watch every movie where she has a role.


Why do we love Blake Lively so much?

Being a fan of Blake Lively is very exciting because her life is charming and you can’t get bored of her.

How was her life?

She was born in Tarzana, S.U.A. on 25 August 1987 and she started her career when she was 10. Her first movie was Sandman, and it was directed by her father.

One of the most important roles was the one she had in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movie. In this film, Blake had a leading role. After that movie, she became famous because of her beauty. Blake Lively is a stunning woman and also talented, and that is why she got the most important role of her life: Serena in Gossip Girl.

That was the most important moment of her life because she peaked with this role.   At the beginning of her life, she didn’t want to become an actress, but her father introduced her to this life. Her father is a movie director, and because he didn’t want to let her daughter alone at home, he took Blake with him at movies. She wanted to study at the University of Stanford, but after all the years she spent with her father, Blake decided to become an actress.

Other movies where she had an important role are: Accepted in 2006, Simon Says in 2006, Elvis and Annabelle in 2007, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in 2008, New York I loved you in 2009. She also has important roles in  The Private Lives of Pippa Lee in 2009, The Town in 2010, Hick in 2011, Savages in 2012 and The Age of Adaline in 2015.

But, Gossip Girl series was the one that made her famous in the real sense of the word. After these series, she was loved by all the adolescents, and she became very popular.

Once she got that role in Gossip Girl series, she focused only on this chance. Her beauty made a lot of people loving and waiting for her in other movies/series.

Blake Lively got married in 2012 with  Ryan Reynolds, and she has two baby girls with him. The first daughter was born in 2014 and the second one in 2016. Before her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, she had a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Later, in 2015 she got a leading role in “The Age of Adeline” movie. The genre of that movie is drama/fantasy/romance. She played a role of a woman that was born in the 20th century, who had an accident and after that her life becomes eternal. She will find a man and fall in love with him, but this will make her life harder. She also had a major role in “The Town” movie.

Blake Lively Awards

She won:

NBR Award in 2010 for best acting in “The Town” movie

Achievement Award in 2008 for “Elvis and Anabelle” movie

People’s Choice Award in 2017 – “Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress.”

Teen Choice Award in 2011 and 2008 for her role in “Gossip Girl.”

WAFCA Award in 2010 for best acting ensemble in “The Town” movie


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